May 25th, 2020
Why I Prefer Creating API Based SAAS

I absolutely love SAAS. Being a bootstrapped developer, I love the slow hard grind and eventual steady, reliable recurring revenue. I always believed that if you could spare a year and had a modest goal of earning your day job's salary via your SAAS business, if that's what your heart truly wanted, you can accomplish it.

It needs hard work, focus, habit building and sticking to the basics for a year but it can set you up for a life of freedom from working a 9-5 (not that there is anything wrong with it, but most will agree that working from wherever and whenever is extremely desirable)

Apart from this kind of thinking, making sure that the product or idea you pick to work on speaks to who you are is very important and can be a superpower.

For years I tried to build products that had it all. This time, with Proxies API and Teracrawler, I decided to make products for an audience like me, which means developers. I know me, so I know a big chunk of the developer community.

As a developer, I use a lot of APIs and I dont mind paying for a few if it makes my life easier.

Proxies API is a complete API base business, and Teracrawler comes close to one.

Picking an API based business has been the biggest boon for the last couple of years.

I have never had an eye for UI design and have always found it difficult to get excellent designers to work at a price I could afford. The thought of working on an idea where having a beautiful UI is almost table stakes would create a lot of anxiety in me. Making products for developers and that too an API means I didn't need much of UI work. It's like a big burden is lifted. Programming never makes me anxious. I love it. This means I get to do ONLY things I love, and I can do it fast. No one to 'collaborate' with. Oh, how I hate that word. Suddenly everything about building the business was under my control, and I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. Plus the determination that this is the model for me and I had to make this work fueled me the past two years to work my ass off on the product. I can even begin to entertain the thought of this endeavour failing, that's how much I wanted it and still want it.

This has become my biggest superpower, and I never knew I had one!

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