May 27th, 2020

Facing the Fear That Coronavirus Brings

To me it has been interesting to see how much people choose to allow the "truth" of the coronavirus to penetrate them and they choose to face.

Its almost as if people have several filters of various shades in front of them and they only allow what they can handle or what they think they can handle.

I heard a person who runs a resort said "It's just another flu. You will never be able to control it anyway. You cant stop living your life." You can see he is extremely worried but also just wants to stay in a version of the truth which is dangerous enough already but not fully acknowledge the MOST potent form of it.

I heard a friend of mine resign to this opinion. He said, "The world is going to end anyway. It's already unstable. So this is happening and there is nothing we can do and it's too late anyway."

Some simply deny the existence of it almost and simply take solace in looking at the numbers is a weird way. "It's going down" - I swear, I heard that a couple of times right after I heard that Italy has quarantined the whole country and after the US announced a ban on all European flights. "The summer heat will kill it" is always a cushioning follow up. While someone adds. "...and then we will have a vaccine by then."

In all of these cases the fear and the pain behind it are obvious. The full potential of this is too scary to handle. Let's not go there.

Can we go there? Is there any value to that?

Even if it is not really the truth can we go to the worst-case just as an experiment?

Can we bear it? Here are the aspects of it you will have to face if you do want to do that.

The full truth:

    • It seems to diminish you.
    • It makes a mockery of all your plans and goals.
    • You know it will keep growing bigger and bigger.
    • You might have to picture you are your loved ones getting it and even dying from it.
    • You hear the way people die over and over.
    • You will have to picture the undignified way you will die (because of the lack of facilities to even test and get basic treatment).
    • You will have to feel the fear of your loved ones.
    • You wish it would just go away.
    • It's all too sudden and it's too surreal.
    • You may have to picture yourself being bankrupt somehow because of loss of jobs, savings. "How am I going to pay rent?", "How am I going to afford groceries for daily living?" "How am I going to..."
    • You may have to picture the full disintegration of your political and economic system around you.

That's it!. That's the extent of the whole Tsunami. and we are all in it.

Can there be a calm as it approaches? Can there be a calm around it? Can you be ok as it comes and consumes you or leaves you behind?

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