May 27th, 2020
10 Reasons You Dont Think You Need a Rotating Proxy Service

Here are some of the thinking patterns we find developers and teams have to fight against and eventually overcome before they come crawling (pun intended) to a third party PAID rotating proxy service. Paid? You may ask? What kind of a web developer pays for anything? We will tell you. They kind who has EVER attempted any kind of serious web crawling/scraping.

Here is what happens in a dev's brain before that:

I can build it in a day.

No you cant. Not even in a month. We challenge you. Go ahead and try.

I will use the free proxy servers out there.

Go ahead. We will give you a BIG list of websites where they are available. Updated every few minutes. We will even give you our code which updates your DB of Proxy IPs every 5 mins. We have written many. Go ahead and take it. It doesn't work. There is a reason its free. But you won't believe us, will you?

I will just load up a few AWS instances and rotate proxies using a script. I will write that in a day or even less while I am on the potty. I will use only one hand.

What if I told you, Neo, that all of those IPs will get blocked! All of them Sir. And you will be back to square one.

This is how people find us. If you are done winding yourself crazy, just pay for quality, and get peace of mind in return. We are developers and we have taken every care to make sure it works and scales. Go to Proxies API and get your free API key (1000 api calls ) and get started now. If I may, there is our sister concern that does web crawling on the cloud for you so you dont have to write anything. Its called and it might just live up to your expectations :-)

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