Cloud Based Web Crawling Software

TeraCrawler makes short work of large web crawling tasks. Just give us the URLs and download the results in minutes.

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Watch how quickly you can setup a quick crawl and get going with the response data with TeraCrawler

Crawl anything at any scale

TeraCrawler can adapt to projects or any scale. Our rotating proxies infrastructure gets you past IP blocks with over 2 million residential proxies.

Zero infrastructure needed

You don't have to setup server grade machines with high network speeds. Our distributed crawlers make short work of most crawling tasks of any size. Get reliable data that is ready to be consumed without worrying about setting up massive infrastructure in house.

Automatic Rate Limiting

We are always mindful of not having a disruptive effect on the destination websites. We automatically throttle our fetch rates based on the server response speeds our algorithm receives.


In built proxy rotation service

We are team that is behind the Rotating Proxy Service Proxies API that thousands of developers use to by pass proxies in their web crawling projects. We route your requests through a pool of over 2 million residential proxies to make sure that we get all the URLs.

Our customers feel it

Steve Elias
“We were big fans of Proxies API. and now, TeraCrawler manages all our web crawling needs. Terrific.” - Steve Elias, Chief Architect @ Avanti Group
“[Your] support is just incredible. The one time we had an issue, Mohan sat through the night with us and ended up helping us in fixing stuff beyond the api integration :-) Happy to recommend.” - Julie O'Leary, Technology Head at Bliss & Vine

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